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Bella has created a marvelous Skin Care Line especially for those who suffer with acne. Whether you are a teenager or an older person who has acne, these two technologically advanced formulas are nothing short of miraculous. The first serum is Bella Skin Clear Blemish Complex 13/18. It Reduces and Dries Out Blemishes,  remarkably clears Dark Spots and Reduces Scarring! This product is fantastic for people of all ages because it Minimizes Pores, illuminates and evens skin tone, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles! So, even if you don't have pimples or a more severe acne condition, the Clear Blemish Complex 13/18 is truly revolutionary in new Skin Care Technology.

Clear Blemish Complex Clear skin Reduces wrinkles For blemish skin Clear Blemish
 Complex 1318 ( 1 oz.)  

     $ 75.00

* Reduces blemishes.
* Dry out pimples.
* Clears dark spots.
* Reduces scarring.
* Minimizes pores.
* Reduces fine lines & wrinkles.

The next Skin Care Solution Serum is Bellaskin's Collection Blemex AcneDrying Lotion for all skin types. Yet again this Skin Care Serum is a bit of magic in a bottle. Blemex is designed for those unsightly pimples that require extreme drying of the infectionBlemex does dry the infection, but it does not dry out the skin to the extent of a chemical burn as do many other Acne Treatment Solutions. If your teenager has a big night out or you have a special event or business meeting the next day Blemex Acne Drying Lotion literally minimizes, if not eliminates all signs of infection and inflamation. 
Both the BellaSkin Clear Blemish Complex 13/18 and Blemex Acne DryingLotion are undoubtably acne skin care solutions of the 21st century.

IMG 0498:Acne Drying Lotion Dry out pimple immediately. Heal & conceal.Dry pimples, Pink Lotion
Blemex Acne 
Drying Lotion ( 1oz.)

   $ 38.00

  BellaSkin Blemex Acne Drying Lotion 
Clear your skin of blemishes and oil clogged pores overnight with Blemex's potent and powerful formula. This scientifically proven, dermatologist recommended treatment blends maximum-strength salicylic acid, sulfur and zinc oxide to effectively kill bacteria, and absorb excess oils. 

* Cleanses blocked pores.
* Dries up blemishes overnight.
* Disinfect to prevent future breakouts. 

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