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   Orvilla's Amazing Gel®
         Triple Action
                     * Fills, Plumps, Smoothes
                       & Relaxes Wrinkles
AMAZINGGELBOX Wrinkle filler/botox alternative
       $ 75.00  1/2 oz. ( 0.15ml )

 This breakthrough  gel instantly smoothes lines and wrinkles, plumps and moisturizes, and helps prevent signs of aging. Amazing Argireline contains molecules that stimulate skin fibroblasts to build the extra cellular matrix, including the synthesis of collagen l and lV, of fibronectin and of glycosaminoglycans. Theses pysiological activities have been confirmed.
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                   Instant Face-Lift
                         ( 1 oz. )
InstantFacelift BellaSkin's Collection         $ 50.00

Instant Face-Lift - also referred to as
"Plastic Surgery in a Bottle". Individuals who have already used this products have been seeing amazing results. Tightens and lifts skin. This remakable gel formula will plump-up the appearance of wrinkle and fine lines disappear with in minutes. Tightens the sagging skin around the chin area. 

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Lighter-EXedited.jpg2Lighter-EX- with 
Alpha-Arbutin  ( 1 oz. )

      $ 85.00 

Lighter -EX - a safe effective alternative to other existing skin lighteners on the market today, containing none of the negative side effects they exhibit.
Hyperpigmentation occurs from an increase of melanin production in the skin, exposure, age spots, etc
Alpha-Arbutin is up to ten times more effective than Arbutin. Alpha-Arbutin, has been found to have stronger inhibitory action than that of Arbutin. Even in very low concentration, Alpha-Arbutin can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase ( the essential enzyme in the melanin biosynthesis pathway ) thereby lightening unsightly skin pigmented areas and with dedicated consistent use it will diminish the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone.
Sunscreen should be applied to entire face on a daily basis, to protect areas being lightened and prevent future hyperpigmentation from occurring.
Lighter-EX - is suitable for all skin type.

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           Viper-ex ( 1 oz. )
       $ 85.00
Viper-X with SYN-AKE Tripeptide.
  Viper-Ex ( Syn-Ake) is a tripeptide fomulated synthetically from the snake venom of the Temple Viper, Tropidolaemus wagleri.
Snake venom is an anti-cougulant and has been used for other medicinal purposes. This prompted the use of the synthetic venom in cosmetic applications. In Viper-Ex, the tripeptide inhibits muscle contraction. This Tripeptide is among the latest topical application for the reduction of wrinkle and expression lines. It is safe and effecive alternative to paralyzing injections.
Viper=EX also contains Hyaluronic Acid a moisture binding property, along with seaweed extract for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflamatory abilities.
Cinical tests have have shown wrinkles in the line prone areas have been reduced to up to 52% in as little as 28 days.

Re-Verse formula- (CoQ-10) wrinkle reducer, Idebenone BellaSkin's Collection  Re-Verse w/ Idebenone
           ( 1 oz. )

        $ 85.00

ReVerse - formula is a powerful anti-oxidant that works against free radicals on the skin.
It's molecules structure is small enough to penetrate the skin at the cellular level to protect it from enviromental damages.
Clinical tests have proven Idebenone ( cousin to the coenzyme ( COQ10) will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines creating a smoother more youthful appearance within
4 to 5 weeks of usage.
Re-Verse has reportedly shown that it can
' Re-Verse" the signs of aging by smoothing already existing wrinkles while preventing new ones from forming.
Use on a continuing basis, along with a sunscreen to protect from UVA future damage.

                                          $ 50.00 
 BC Red Tea Serum 1oz SM No-BKG-1 
 Red Tea Serum 
          ( 30 ml.)

Red Tea Serum
From the mountains of South Africa, red tea (roibos) has been used for centuries as a healthful beverage for its high concentration of antioxidants – 50 times greater than that of green tea. We’ve chosen the purest form of red tea to create this highly potent, anti-oxidant rich formula. Red tea Serum penetrates deep within the skin to provide protection against sun damage and pollution, promoting healthier, younger looking skin.

• Soothes skin irritation from sun damage and acne 
• reduces inflammation • reverses the signs of aging.