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        Caviar Firming Eye Complex
                           30 ml.
Caviar Firming Eye Complex for puffy eyes
                         $ 150.00

   Caviar Firming Eye  Complex 
An intensive luxurious firming eye gel that is based on Caviar Extract. Light gel absorbs fast to give and instant firming and hydration effect around the eye.
Specially formulated gel to smooth and firm the delicate skin around the eyes. It provides hydration and nutrition to revitalize the eye zone and reduces puffiness and fine lines. It will structure the skins tissues, and eliminate dryness and help regain skin tone and elasticity. 
* Helps re-texture the skin.
* Provides hydration and firmness, to counteracts dryness lines. 
* Nurtures and strenghens the skin.
* Reduces puffiness.
* Reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Directions: Cleansed eyes carefully. Apply morning and night. Gently massage over delicate area.

                BellaSkin's Collection
                Caviar Mini-Lift Serum
                          30 ml.
                          $ 200.00

 Caviar Mini-Lift Serum - Smoothly textured, drenches the skin with moisture, leaving the skin toned and supple, while also protecting against free radical damage.
This supremely elegant formula combines the finest bio-engineering technologies, offering skin the most effective and luxurious firming action ever experienced in a skin care formulation.
BellaSkin Caviar Mini-Lift Serum with its firming smoothing action and energizing power has been raised to a new level.
This advanced formula combines with luxurious caviar extracts, hydrating complex, and bio-engineering technologies to deliver immediate and effective , toning action.

Directions: Apply to carefully cleansed skin. Use morning and night as part of BellaSkin Caviar Collection® intensive skin rejuvenating program.

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               BellaSkin's Collection
          Caviar Luxury Moisturizer
                        30 ml.

CaviarLuxuryMoisturizer                          $ 150.00
   Caviar Luxury Day Cream
A luxurious day protective cream that is based on Caviar Extract - unique combination of bio-engineering hydrating complex of Imperata Cylindrical to effectively firm and revitalize tired, lack-luster skin.
Vital nutrients and BellaSkin Caviar firming complex hydrate, nourishes and pamper skin.
Elasticity is enhanced. Skin is firmer, moother, so exquisite and effective, it provides skin with radiance has never known before.
* Instantly drenches the skin in moisture. 
* Enhanced collagen results in firmer, more supple skin.
* Contains powerful anti-oxidants that protects skin from free radicals helping to prevent premature aging.
* Rich in hydrating complexes that provide moisture for added radiance and softness.
* Energize and nourishes the skin.

Directions: Apply morning over carefully cleansed 
skin as part of BellaSkin Caviar Collection® intensive skin rejuvenating program.