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DCX EYE CREAM BellaSkin's Collection
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               DCX Eye Cream            
Powerfully effective in reducing dark circles and puffiness associated with stress and aging. DCX Ctream provides the intense moisturizers resulting in a refreshed and more youthful appearance. Uniquely formulated with natural peptides proteins, hyaluronic acid and extracts , test subjects report nearly 35% reduction of dark circles and 31% reduction of puffiness. Perfectfor mature skin.
        $ 45.00             
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          BellaSkin's Collection
               Lip Plumper
Lip Plumper -For beautiful, more lucious lips without injections or surgery. Lip Plumper increases lip volume and moisture as it promotes skin's natural production of collagen and of glycosaminoglycans. Test participants have reported increased definition, a 70% improvement in softness and 40% increased in volume.
* Promotes fuller, more defined lips.
* Increases production of collagen and of glycosaminoglycans.
* Softens and hydrate.
       $ 38.00 
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