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Caviar Mini-Lift Serum and Clear Complex Gel - The most POWerful. As many of you know I am a skin care fanatic. Who doesn't love to slather luxurious creams and gels all over themselves?  It feels good. It smells good and of course most of us remain
hopeful and believe that maybe, one day, one of the lovely fancy little bottles holds the secret to the fountain of youth. So, I found some...I did, believe it or not. Honestly I couldn't believe it at first. I met Bella Owen through a friend who knew me as a writer and knew Bella for 20 some plus years as a manfacturer of skin care. Well she is that and soooooooooooooooooooooo much more, but back to my point and the story. Bella looked at my skin, cleaned it up a bit and sent me home weith about six of her products and each time I went to see her she introduced me to more.Time passed and I continued to use her products faithfully and I cannot believe the texture and tone improvement in my 50 year old skin!!!!!!!!! I LOVE her products - all of them, but I am especially fond of the results I get when I use the Clear Complex Gel at night and the Mini-Lift Serum made with Caviar extracts. These two products have yeilded more compliments than I ever expected. I tell everyone because this sort of efficacy ought not to be a 
secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Blogger /  

BellaSkin's Collection - 
Anti-Wrinkle Essential Oil
Wrinkles occur as we mature and as we lose oxygen to the tissues. Essential Oils oxygenate the tissues and thereby slow down the premature aging of the skin.
A proprietary blend of organic infused essential oils nourishes and protects skin for smooth, radiant, youthful younger looking complexion.
Essential Oil Blends of: Jojoba, Frankincense, Patchouli,Lavender,Helichrysum,Rosewood,Rose, Carrot,Myrrh,Sage.
* Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
* Tightens sagging. * Helps tones & firm skin;
Application: Apply directly to the area. Face & neck.

    10 ml. ( 1/3 oz.)
       $ 38.00